Business Things / March 22, 2020

Tropical Box Template

Handmade soaps deserve to housed in the most exquisite packaging, don’t you think? Packaging that does the artistic nature of the whole process justice.

Templates for boxes:

I’ve decided to offer templates for all kinds of boxes. The emphasis is on the soap/ bath and body artisan who is looking for unique boxes, tags and labels. I think it’s nice to have control of the printing process. You get to decide on things like box colour for example.

I’m designing in themes and starting with some easy to fold soap boxes. This box template measures 3X3X1 (LXWXD). Simply print it, cut it out, fold and stick.

Print as many as you like and just like that your packaging got much easier. Other sizes will be offered soon as I am continually adding new sizes and shapes.

Best box print

Templates are offered in PDF and should be printed on a laser, colour printer to avoid the inevitable runny mess that a soap box printed with ink will cause.

Here is a quick look at the box design. It’s in the theme Tropical- you can see why. This box prints very easily on an 8.5 X 11 sheet. Use a card stock or other heavier weighted paper for nice, sturdy boxes.

Download the PDF file here>

take a look at the finished box here. Pretty isn’t it?

Etsy Store: Dandelion and Sage

All my boxes will be offered in the new Etsy Store (Dandelion and Sage) .



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