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Sandalwood and Kaolin Clay Facial mask

I used a facial mask this morning and I was very impressed with the feel and look of my skin, which seemed much cleaner and clearer. I am a fan of a facial mask and facial scrub combination. I think if you could do this mask/scrub routine every other day, the reward would be clean, glowing skin.

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Sun damaged skin care:

This particular mask- sandalwood and kaolin clay- I made for personal use and although I’m sure I could sell it, it wasn’t the aim. My skin is sun-damaged skin and a few years ago, it seemed like an overnight thing, hyper-pigmentation developed. I’m assuming it is hormonal. I took as a sign to be a lot more vigilant about my skin care routine and hydration. To be honest, I’m failing miserably at drinking 8 glasses of water every day so I’m in overdrive when it comes to the skin care routine.

Sandalwood Powder Properties

I chose Sandalwood powder for this mask for many reasons. It is an ancient treatment that is good for acne (I’ve had a few breakouts recently); it is anti-aging- relieving wrinkles and age spots; it tones the skin. Kaolin clay, I chose because it is mild in terms of its absorbing properties. I wanted a gentle clay because my skin is very sensitive. You can perhaps tweak the recipe provided, with another type of clay if you need super oil absorbing properties for example. (Try French green clay)

Clay Mask Recipe

When you look at the recipe, you will notice that I placed the sandalwood powder and the kaolin clay in an emulsion. ( you can create your own body butters and lotions with recipes here)

It is a really nice mask which isn’t too tight and moisturises while it draws impurities.


4 ounces distilled water

2 ounces organic coconut oil

0.75 ounce stearic acid

0.5 ounce emulsifying wax

3 teaspoons sandalwood powder

3 teaspoons kaolin clay

3 drops lemongrass essential oil

3 grams phenonip

Method :

  • Weigh the distilled water and heat.
  • Separately, weigh the organic coconut oil, stearic acid, emulsifying wax. Heat until everything is liquid.
  • Combine the water and the oils. Use the stick blender to assist with combining the ingredients. Add the sandalwood powder and the kaolin clay when the emulsion begins to thicken.
  • Combine with the stick blender.
  • When the mixture is still pourable but cooled, add the phenonip and the lemongrass essential oil. Use the blender to thoroughly combine the last two ingredients.  Pour into jars. Allow to cool completely.

Things to note: It is best to use pure essential oils in facial masks rather than fragrance. Remember the skin on the face tends to be more sensitive so choose mild oils.

If you don’t want to use a preservative, you could reduce the recipe and make enough for two days, but store the mask in the refrigerator.


Sandalwood Powder

Kaolin Clay

Lemongrass Essential Oil


Clay mask jars

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