Meet your instructor

My name is Lisa-Marie Griffith and I am the instructor for this wonderful Online Soap making workshop.

I’ve been creating handmade soaps for the past 20 years and I have enjoyed teaching hundreds of persons in mainly in Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados the art of handmade soap creation.

My Online Soap Making Workshop is intended to give you the best instruction from the comfort of your home. I will hold your hand every step of the way because the major goal is your empowerment through inspired learning. I’ve written a number of e books too and I’m always writing.

I remain very accessible to every participant in my workshops through the facebook page and via Whatsapp. (868) 493 8118.

Take this journey with me. We’ll create lots of soaps and drink lots of coffee together! You’ll find a lot of joy in creating your own soaps and perhaps build a great business from it too!

I’m very happy to share my passion with you.

Sign up right now to start the course.

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