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How to make your own boxes for your handmade soaps

The ability to create economical, yet stunning packaging is far from an afterthought for the handmade soap artisan. It is in fact a MAJOR consideration if you intend or are in the process of building a powerful brand.

Paper packaging is the best!

If, for quality assurance, your batches are fairly small, it is feasible to make your own soap boxes. There are many advantages of using paper boxes for packaging

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • There is much real estate on the packaging to inform the customer about your product benefits
  • Paper is inexpensive and versatile
  • There are countless ideas, shapes, sizes and colours that can be done.

Personally, I do love working with paper and I do create my own soap boxes using templates that I’ve done.

Dandelion and Sage is the Etsy Store

Favourite the Etsy Store now for free templates and tags over the next few weeks. April 18th- May 8th. Favourite now>

My new Etsy Store offers these templates which are editable. This is a BIG BONUS.

Take a look at the Etsy Store here> (Dandelion and Sage)

Customise your boxes

I loved the idea of being able to offer box templates that customers could customise with their specific information very easily, download, print and create. Here’s a step by step to creating your own beautiful customised box, using the template and the template editor.

Boxes are edited in the web browser.

You should note that you do not need any special software to edit these templates. You can edit right in the browser. You can get an idea of how the editor works using the link a bit further down in this tutorial.

Let’s get started with the box creation. Box templates are available on the website and in the ETSY store. The Etsy store has other downloadable items such as printable greeting cards and printable declarations that you can frame as powerful reminders every day. Check them out here>

This is the Collection so far on the website (Still updating) but I’m going to choose an editable template from here.

I chose this template: While it can be used as is, I want to include the type of soap on the front panel and my ingredient listing at the back.

The edited version which includes the type of soap and I also included an “enriched with Vitamin E” message.

If you purchase on the website or on the Etsy page, you will be sent a link to the email address that you entered in the Checkout area. This link will direct you to the edit dashboard. It looks like this.

On the left of the screen, you can click on the “Text” icon to include the text that you need. I included the type of soap on the front panel and an ingredient listing on the back panel. You can change the font type and make it larger or smaller. The editor is very versatile. You can include your logo too if you like.

Editing is easy and quick..

You should note that there are some things which cannot be changed on the template. This includes the size of the template and the artwork.

When you are finished with your edits, save the customised template as a PDF, download it and print. The download tab is located at the top of the screen and gives you three options: PDF, PNG, JPG. For the best quality print, choose the PDF option.

Of course, you can print and create as many boxes as you like and as many variations of the box as well.

My customised box is for a Cucumber and Mango Soap. (Get my free Mango Puree Handmade Soap Recipe here>) It printed perfectly on white card stock. You can use any colour card stock you want, just make sure it complements the artwork. You’ll notice that in my customisation, I included my ingredient listing on the back panel.

Cut out the template as shown below.

Fold very sharply on all the lines

Stick with an appropriate glue. My favourite glue for this task is Tacky Glue, but you can use any glue that you like working with. It should give a nice, strong bond without any lumps in the glue.

Get Tacky glue from Amazon here> It’s nice to buy more than one bottle because it’s so great for ALL paper projects.

Glue the side tab on the box first. The glue the bottom of the box.

This box measures 3 inches X 3 inches by 1 inch in depth. It can be printed on a letter sized sheet in the landscape orientation. As you can see, it opens on the top. Get this template now>

That was painless and easy! Here’s a demo area for you to try the editor . Check the demo area now>

I think you will agree that this is a great service for small producers because the possibilities are endless. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding more boxes (bigger) tags and labels to the Etsy Store in particular.

Free Templates and how to get them.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving away box templates and tags. There is only ONE way to get these.

Please favourite the Etsy Store now to be guaranteed your free templates! Be sure to drop a comment if you want to see a particular template offered.

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