Here’s what we do in Online Soap Making.

I thoroughly enjoyed putting together my Online Soap Making Course. I felt it was necessary to get one up and running because more and more, for a number of reasons, a lot people have opted not to take face to face workshops.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to sit anywhere in the world and participate in something that helps you build an entirely new skill?

I really wanted to make sure that when you participate in this Online course, you feel equipped and empowered to create any handmade soap you can think of,using the traditional Cold Process.

There are 12 modules in the course. Five of these modules are actually practicals where you follow the technique, use the recipe given and create your soaps.

Here’s a quick look at the practicals covered in this Online Course:

PRACTICAL 1 :An Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap: This is a deliberately simple first pour. It uses oatmeal as a gentle yet very effective exfoliant.

PRACTICAL 2: A Chocolate Vanilla Soap. This second practical uses both natural colour and fragrance.

PRACTICAL 3: A two Layered Lavender Soap. Learn to pour layers in this practical.

PRACTICAL 4: A Mantra Swirl (mint). We do a simple, mantra swirl in the using two colours.

PRACTICAL 5: A Fruit Puree Soap. Learn how to create soaps using in season purees. I used carrots and Aloe Vera in mine.

As a teacher, I understand that people do have different learning styles so the course contains videos, e books, infographics and printables to help you along the way.

I’ve used the Thinkific system as you are able to access the course player very easily. Essentially, the course player takes you through the modules in a sequential manner.

You have complete control over how quickly you go or how slowly you go which is one of the MAJOR advantages of learning online. You get to learn at your own pace. You can stop videos, go back to the beginning, recap and print the written material. I do love the control that participants have using the course player.

The other advantage of this Online course is that you have UNLIMITED ACCESS. So you can start at any time you choose and you can, six months from today, do a refresher using the same course.

I also felt that it was important to do a few Live Sessions with all participants at various intervals so that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences on the journey. It’s very inspirational to see people become fearless creatives and putting together beautiful soaps.

The other support space is the Course Facebook group. You can opt to join for added support. Here you can ask questions and share your pours and your experience.

You’ll receive E books, Printables and Downloads too. You’ll receive this E book

Make handmade soaps ebook

You’ll also receive this e book:

I really wanted to give great value for money so that when you complete the course, you’ll be inspired to pour additional batches of beautiful, fragrant, healthy soaps.

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Meet your Instructor: Lisa-Marie Griffith

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