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Everything you need for Melt and Pour Projects

If you need an instant gratification way to create beautiful and fragrant soaps, then you may want to consider the melt and pour process.

It starts with a pre made base, in other words, the saponification (soap formation) part is completed and your job is to turn the base into a completed soap. This can take as little as 15 minutes and there is little to no chance of failure.

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I made these beautiful ocean themed soaps for my bathroom in 10 minutes.

Interested? You can take this free, quick mini course, which provides tips to creating soaps using the Melt and Pour Method.

I thought it would be useful to do a round up of products you could pick up for your M and P projects. Everything in one place right?


Sampler Set

An awesome sampler set. Get all of these for under $50. It’s seven bases, including white. clear, goat’s milk, shea butter and more. A great buy.

Get them here>

Ultra Clear Base 5 lbs:

Don’t need a variety right? Just the clear base will do fine.

Get it here>

White Base: 2lbs

Get a white base here>

Soap Molds for Melt and Pour

I love silicone molds because release is easy and the intricate details on the mold are easily transferred onto the finished soaps. Love That!

I love this bee themed mold. I would cast my bee in a different colour to the honeycomb for a winning design. Don’t forget the honey fragrance! Wow!

Get the mold now: It’s a steal of a deal. A three pack of six cavities each for less than $19.00. Get these now>

These massage molds are like a two in one! Create a soap that massages. Who wouldn’t love that?

Get this now>

Isn’t this the cutest thing? Emoji molds to create a variety of emoji soap bars. Makes an awesome gift! Get it here>

Economical buy. You must add this to your arsenal of molds. Get them here>

Soap Dyes

Use only soap dyes that have been approved for use on the skin.

In my opinion, liquid soap dyes are the best for melt and pour projects. Use the colour wheel for help to mix colours to achieve even more variety. Get these colours now>

Mica powders/dusts are also very effective colourants. Get this set of 15 colours now>

Soap fragrances

I’ve got a weakness for foodie fragrances in my soap. Do you? Get this sampler set and see how you feel. Get them here

Maybe milder for you? Get this set here>

Check out this variety. (wildflowers) Get them here>

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Freebies for you:

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