Body recipes / January 5, 2020

Avocado and Coconut Body Butter

Earlier today I noticed my skin was dry, itchy and even had some white scaly patches. I have been itchy for about a week and I know it is because I have paid very little attention to my skin over the very busy Christmas season.

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Make this rich, creamy butter easily and save your skin from chronic dryness

I was using a lotion which was very light (made by me) and intended for normal to oily skin. My very dry skin requires some INTENSE moisture every day and if I don’t provide it, well..let’s just say, I feel it very quickly. So today I decided to create an intense moisture body butter that I could wear all day.

I love Organic Coconut Oil in lotions and body butters, but for intense moisture, this very light oil, which sinks quickly into the skin must be combined with another oil or oils/butters that absorb a bit more slowly.

For this butter I chose Avocado oil. It is like a miracle worker on parched skin. It is rich in Vitamin E and in combination with coconut oil gives just the right feel of airiness and locked in moisture. No tackiness or sticky feeling at all.

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You’ll notice that Sodium Lactate was used in this recipe. I usually include Sodium Lactate to lock moisture in . It is derived from the fermentation of sugars found in foods such as corn. It is an excellent humectant in lotions, effectively attracting moisture to the skin. This is used in place of glycerin which tends to be sticky.

The recipe was very simple:


11 ounces Distilled water

1 teaspoon Sodium Lactate


3 ounces Organic Coconut Oil

2 ounces Avocado Oil

1 ounce Olive Oil

0.7 ounce Soft and Silky Emulsifying Wax

1 ounce Stearic Acid

6 grams Germaben 11 (you can use Phenonip as an alternative preservative)

0.25 ounce fragrance of your choice. (I used VERY little fragrance in mine)


That’s it. Your skin will thank you for it as you will feel the difference immediately.

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