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How to make a Mango handmade soap.

In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you my method of making a handmade soap from scratch using mango puree. If you’ve never created handmade soaps using fruit purees, I would highly recommend it.  In this recipe it is mango but bananas, avocados, papaya are all great.

I’m no mango lover. I’ll probably eat a few when mango season is in full swing by June, but the excitement I see in so many people about mangoes…well..I can’t identify.

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How to make a mango soap

Mango benefits for the skin

(Why I choose mangoes for making handmade soaps)

Even the most avid mango fans, however, will admit that a soft mango is nobody’s preference. These sad, rejected mangoes are the ones we’re going to use in our handmade soap project.

Are mangoes good for the skin? It is interesting that so many different parts of the mango are used in skin care. Mango Butter is extracted from the seed and mango powder is made from the mango skin.

How to make a mango soap

In addition,the pulp of the mango, which is the part I used in this project is great for hydrating the skin, prevents acne breakouts as it’s a perfect astringent. All parts of the mango in skin care do a great job of cleaning the skin and removing bacteria.

The Recipe: Mango Handmade Soap

Sooo. How do you make a mango soap? I’m not going put the method of creating the handmade soap on this post. The creation of the lye solution details can be located on an earlier  post: Awesome Coffee and Chocolate soap  

In any case, this recipe is intended for the soap maker who is already familiar with the Cold Process. Let me suggest my new book: Make Handmade Soaps (shameless plug here) if you want to learn to make soaps from scratch.


RECIPE: This is a 2 lb batch

All quantities are weighed


16 ounces Sunflower Oil

14 ounces Organic Coconut Oil

2 ounces Mango Butter

5 ounces lye crystals

11 ounces distilled water

ADDITIVES: 2 ounces Mango Puree

1.5 ounces mango fragrance oil (any other suitable fragrance of your choice)

Colours are optional. I used:

Activated Charcoal

Orange Mica

Blue Slushie Mica Dust

The yellow colour was the actual soap with the mango puree added.



I added the mango puree to the base oils (which is not my usual habit). This worked well.


In the recipe, I pulled back on the water content a bit as I knew that the mango would add water to the mixture.

You can add the colours in any way that you choose. The concentric circles you see in my soap, came from pouring alternating colours in the same spot.

How to make a mango soap


How to make mango soap
Beautifully finished mango puree handmade soaps

To keep this  100% natural, you could replace the fragrance oil with 2-3 tsp of an essential oil blend. Check out the best essential oils here> 

NEVER use inferior essential oils in any bath and body project.

Curing will be completed in 6 weeks so be very patient with your beautiful soap.

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How to make soap using mango


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