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A DIY lotion for the driest skin on the planet

One of the wonderful characteristics of natural oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil and sweet almond oil is that they absorb deep into the layers of the skin to nourish and moisturise.

How to make the best body lotions

Some natural oils such as coconut oil, absorbs VERY quickly while sunflower oil and sweet almond oil, tend to stay on the surface of the skin for bit longer. Rate of absorption is therefore a major consideration when deciding on the base oils for lotion recipes. (You can get my Lotion E book here)

In this particular lotion, in addition to coconut oil, (I used coconut oil because I love the feel of it in a lotion) I included thick, rich castor oil and high in Vitamin E Mango butter.

For added moisture, Liquid silk or Sodium Lactate can be added to the water phase of this project if you have either on hand. Just a teaspoon per pound is enough.

The Recipe

The recipe is quite simple and easy: (all ingredients are weighed. This is a 1 pound batch which can be doubled etc)

11 ounces distilled water

1 tsp liquid silk or Sodium Lactate (optional)

2 ounces Organic Coconut Oil

2 ounces Castor Oil

2 ounces Mango Butter

0.7 oz Emulsifying wax

1 ounce Stearic Acid

5 grams Germaben 11 preservative. (for a non paraben preservative, you can replace the Germaben with Optiphen)

0.25 ounce fragrance. ( I used VERY little fragrance in mine)


  1. Heat the water (you could boil it but it is not absolutely necessary). Add the Sodium Lactate or the liquid silk to the water.

2. Heat the coconut oil, mango butter, castor oil, stearic acid, emulsifying wax in a separate container until all the fats have liquified. The stearic acid will melt last.

3. Combine the melted fats with the hot distilled water and use the stick blender to mix well. The lotion will be watery thin when it is very hot, but it will thicken up as it cools.

How to make your own lotions
This is the melted fats being added to the heated distilled water

4. Use the stick blender in intervals. When the lotion has thickened but is still pourable, add the germaben 11 and the fragrance oil. Do this when the stick blender is in motion.

How to make your own lotions
As the lotion cools it will thicken up, losing the frothiness you see here and becoming thick and creamy.

5. Place lotion into bottles with pumps (this is a thick consistency lotion).

I do love the finished lotion and my “special delivery” labels too. Have you visited the Etsy shop for downloadable labels?

Here are some reminder notes:

Sanitise your workspace, tools …everything before you begin. You can use bleach or rubbing alcohol for this.

Never heat the preservative or add the preservative to a hot lotion.

Pour the lotion onto the sides of the bottle to avoid frothiness.

Fragrance normally becomes much more potent a few hours after the lotion is finished.

Cover lotion bottles and jars after the lotion has completely cooled.

If you try this recipe, be sure to drop a comment to say how it turned out.


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