It’s time to activate your prosperity !

Luna, By Scents of Tobago is the place we get to connect, share projects, trouble shoot challenges; book those coaching sessions and generally move you to a place where you are open and ready to receive your birthright of abundance, prosperity and wealth.


Warning! This page is NOT for the small thinker! It is for the Amazing creatives who are ready to build lucrative businesses based on their creativity. Not everyone will be ready because building big dreams means HAVING big dreams to begin with; understanding and believing with every fibre of your being that you deserve prosperity and that you are absolutely capable of driving that success.

We are not realists here, we are dreamers! Creatives who connect to the Divine to bring forth some service or product that serves our community and ultimately make this world a better place.

This therefore, simply MUST be more than product creation. While we do put a LOT of emphasis on the creation of exquisite handmade bath and body, we also understand that mindset matters. In fact, it is THE KEY to fantastic success. 

Many of us are simply stuck in a cycle of powerlessness, limits, scarcity and frustration. There comes a time when we must make a sacred decision to honour ourselves and to step boldly into a reality that we orchestrated ourselves!

Are you ready?

Melissa Alexander for Mustard Seed Naturals